First day of new school

Its the first day of a brand new school for Sophia. She clearly sensed that we are going somewhere early in the morning so was trying her utmost best to steer us towards places that she likes. The first choice was “I want to go creche”, when told (repeatedly) that creche is only for Sundays she tried “I want to go BIG playground”. We just kept psyching her up for school.

Me: You’re going to school! There’s a playground, toys, books, songs, you’re going to have lots of fun!

Sophia: *silence*

Me: If you’re good daddy will bring you to the small playground after school.

Sophia: I want to go big playground.

Me: Ok, maybe, if you’re good, we’ll go to the big playground on the weekend.

So we went to school. I didn’t have a good sense when she clung on to me when the teachers tried to check her temperature, hands, feet and mouth. But surprisingly, she allowed herself to be led upstairs by hand (by me) and when she’s there, she quickly settled into fun with a wooden puzzle. I told her I’m going to work and will pick her up later. She didn’t reply so I went off while the teacher came over. She started crying and the teacher was all prepared to have to carry her and distract her with fun things but I just told her calmly “Hey, Sophia, we agreed, you’ll stay here and play with teacher while mummy goes to work and mummy will pick you up later.” Both I and the teacher were pleasantly surprised that she calmed down and went back to her puzzle.

The first day of school is extra short, just 2 hours, to ease the children into school, so 2 hours later I got a first hand report of how Sophia’s first day at school was from the daddy who went to pick her up. Apparently she was happily playing when daddy arrived (check) and the teacher said she was very cooperative and observant at school (double check).

The one glitch today was, for some reason, in our rush out of the apartment this morning, we forgot to put on diapers for Sophia and the teacher assumed it was because she was already toilet trained so was perturbed when she just peed in the middle of nowhere. Oops!

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