Best educational DVDs

I’m generally not a big advocate of DVDs because, well its a bit of an unnatural way to learn. And, as the Daddy says, most are really boring. If we adults find it boring, what makes us think that the children will like it? But because I appreciate how hard it is for the grandpa to spend the whole day alone at home with a toddler and sometimes he just needs time to heat milk or heat porridge, I’ve bought some DVDs.

We have baby genius (really for babies, if at all), my baby can read (flashcard style video), brainy baby (more interesting than plain flashcard style videos but no storyline), baby mozart in the baby einstein series (really for babies but the more advanced ones could be better), Hi-Five (like normal adults I find them rather irritating. Sophia likes watching but I can’t say she’s learnt anything from it), Thomas (Sophia is not finding the story very engaging at the moment), but mummy and baby’s favourite of them all is….. LEAPFROG.

Yep, I really do love the leapfrog dvds. Sophia learnt all her alphabet and phonics from the DVDs and may even have learnt to count from it. She also recognizes concepts like school (she says “I go to school” when she sees Leap carrying a schoolbag). At the toddler stage I would say Leapfrog seems like the best among all the DVDs that I’ve tried.  Of course, the other DVDs could be more suitable / engaging at a different stage, e.g. my baby can read or the baby ones could be more stimulating for babies and the ones with more complex storylines may be more suitable for older children. I guess there’s no way of knowing which is the best till you try but my recommendation to parents who don’t mind a bit of tv for your toddlers is try leapfrog.

8 thoughts on “Best educational DVDs

  1. Never tried that, only tried “my baby can read” but until now.. My baby still can’t read leh… Doesn’t seem like it has achieved it purpose. On the bright side, it has helped her with her vocab lah.

    • I found my baby can read boring and so did Sophia. Bought the entire set upon strong recommendation of my friend! Just goes to show that one size does not fit all.

  2. I found leapfrog did a good job in blending learning points (be it letters, words, grammars, and etc) into an interesting story that is told in a versatile way. By it, I mean the director mixes singing, conversation, funny acts, and many other ways that keep kids’ attention while transfers knowledge in all possible channels and ways of expressions. Thumbs up for leapfrog.

  3. Hi-5 is cool and my 2 year old loves every bit of it. Believe it or not, she picked up couting 1-10 as well as Hi and Bye from the series. Personally I find it entertaining.

    • Glad of that! There’s definitely learning points from Hi-5 and now that you mentioned it, the video could have reinforced the counting and things like Hi and Bye, just that Sophia encounters these in so many other places that I didn’t attribute it to the video whereas phonics nobody made a conscious effort to teach her so it was very obvious where she picked it up from. These educational videos are such lifesavers, we mummies can buy that bit of time to do a bit of cooking or other things around the house and the child/children are still learning – perfect! So long as not overused.

  4. Hi Elaine,

    I know what you mean. Most DVDs are just boring. I find it hard to find really good ones that are educational and entertaining for the baby AND the momma who has to watch them too! 🙂 I realize that this is an older post, but I figured I would comment anyway. I use MonkiSee with my baby. I started with her at around 3-4 months. MonkiSee makes fun DVds that teach babies and toddlers colors, shapes, body parts, abc’s (not out yet…I can’t wait for it!!), etc… I can’t tell you how much we love them! So, if you are looking to add to you collection I would definitely recommend Monkisee. I love that is uses a lot of language, poetry, puppets, and music. As you can maybe see, I am quite passionate about these DVds. 😀 Best to you and your family!

    • Sounds like great DVDs! Sophia already knows most things in those topics so I guess I missed the boat on trying them with Sophia but thanks for the recommendation which I’m sure many others will find useful!

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