For the love of ice cream

Last Saturday we decided to bribe the kids playing by the pool with ice cream. It all started with one evening when daddy went downstairs for our nightly walk as a family holding a popsicle-type ice cream. One of the older girls stared hungrily at it and kept hinting that she loves ice-cream. Well, we are not about to give her half eaten food, so we promised to bring her ice cream “tomorrow”. Of course, like normal kids, she forgot about it tomorrow and didn’t come down to play because it was raining. But the daddy figured we’ve got to keep our promise. So everyone got ice cream. Not sure the maids were too happy about it as they had to go around wiping mouths and shirts, but the kids sure were!

Big kids can ride and eat at the same time The little girl on the left is really chatty Deisa and Chae Won

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