Will she start speaking in a language I do not understand?

I don’t know why I started showing Sophia youtube videos, I think I was (again) inspired by how cute Kirsten (of Mother Inc. fame) looked singing “Part of Your World” and tried showing it to Sophia. She kind of liked it but you tube surfed over to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which led to La Chateau de Mickey which led to this cute French cartoon about a donkey and Sophia’s hooked.

By the way, there’s a bit of disagreement about what Trotro is, and seeing as neither of us actually speak the language, its rather hard to resolve. I think its a donkey cos its got a mane and is grey, but Sophia is certain its a rabbit. We compromised by now calling it “La Trotro”.

So now every single day, whenever she remembers (usually when I get home, or before she sleeps or whenever she catches a glimpse of the iPhone or iPad), she demands for “La Trotro”. I wonder whether she will actually pick up the language. Childcare experts say children don’t learn from tv but Sophia has learnt all her alphabets and their sounds from Leapfrog and I daresay I learnt my proper mandarin and cantonese from TV, and the chinese equivalent of Singlish (which is actually a different language or at least surely a different dialect given the great difference) from the streets and daily conversation. So who’s to know. It will be cool to have her pick up a new language just like that.

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