Singapore smoking ban extension

Yay!!!! Smokers probably hate the new rules and yes I get it, from your point of view, you effectively have to stand out in the sun to smoke. But smoking in public areas like corridors would mean that lots of innocent people will have no choice but to take in your second hand smoke if they want to get to the other side of the corridor.

I’ve always been anti-smoking, even to my favourite grandpa I close my door on him when he lights up. And he’s considerate in that he prefers that I do that too because he knows its unfair for me to have to partake in second-hand smoke. But some people are not. This round of smoking ban extension came immediately after a hawker blew second hand smoke straight into the face of my 2 year old angel and when I covered her face to avoid it, shouted very loudly “Smoking is GOOD!”. So, you see, I am glad I can now officially call up the National Environment Agency and ask that they do something about people like that.

What are your thoughts about the new rules on smoking ban?

[Update] I struggled with the comments for a while but eventually decided to approve both the supporters and naysayers, except for those who make personal attacks on no basis. For the negative comment, I was very tempted to reply but on second thoughts, there is probably no need to, readers can judge for themselves. To Andrew, it is a rather tough job for NEA, one would imagine that it would be difficult for an enforcement officer to reach the spot before a smoker is done with his stick, and after that it would be impossible for them to impose any fine since there is no evidence of the offence. Also, smokers are complaining about the new ban and there are many of them so NEA also needs to be conscious of not generating too much unhappiness among the public. Its tough. But on the whole, I’m all for clean air and think the world would be a much better place without cigarettes. It just takes time.

3 thoughts on “Singapore smoking ban extension

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  2. You should not let your wish for convenience trample on the space for smokers. Afterall, there is enough space for you and them that you don’t have to breathe second hand smoke if you make the effort to avoid it.

  3. Smokers are irresponsible people, they do not smoke in front of their kids but does it in front of others’ children. How to stop them when NEA is not doing it’s job. All my neighbours are hard core smokers, they do not give a damn to the new ban along the common corridors. Complained to TC and NEA but nothing has been done.

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