And that is why I have this blog

I have been neglecting this blog for the longest time because I have been too busy at work to even eat, drink or sleep. But last evening, for the first time in a long time, I managed to go home early and spend some time with Sophia and her daddy.

Once I got home, Daddy was eager to show off the results of his mandarin lessons to me so he picked up a blue piece of paper and asked Sophia “what colour is this” in mandarin (这是什么颜色?) with a look of pride. And with a look of mischief Sophia exclaimed “BOO!” Daddy groans in frustration and tries with a green piece of paper. “GEEN!” she says. And of course, five minutes later when Daddy is out of earshot, she willingly says 蓝色 and 绿色.

I beam from year to ear whenever I think about this incident and am dying to tell someone about it but know rationally that its completely boring to others, and so I tell my story here.

1 thought on “And that is why I have this blog

  1. You’re totally right that a blog is sometimes the right medium for something that other mediums wouldn’t – if you were to whatsapp that story to someone it would’ve taken too long, and your friend might be like, “?!?!”, but it’s definitely interesting to read here 😉

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