Bought star stickers as potty training reward but nothing seems to work. Not even Three Little Pigs and The Frog Prince plays. She plain refuses to sit on the potty.


2 thoughts on “Stars

  1. My daughter develops a potty phobia. Last year she had really bad constipation due to change of formula milk and we made her sit on the potty to pass motion as we could sense that her stool was gonna be hard . There were alot of cries when she was on the potty as she was having difficulty to push it out. Ever since that incident we hardly trained her to pee/poo on potty. It’s been 8 months since we last took out the potty. Now if we took out the potty she would shove it off as we believe it made her recall that awful experience. We are planning to get her a nicer potty but not sure if that will work.

    • Hmm, well at least there was a reason for that potty phobia. Bring her to shop for a potty? Sophia picked out her own potty but still refused to pee/poo on it though.

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