Happy Sundays

This weekend Sophia was down with a tummy upset (“tummy egg” to her – hope that doesn’t put her off eggs in the future!) So when she continued sleeping past the time to head to church, I allowed her to till we missed the start of the service. SO I decided to stay with her at Sunday school since she was unwell and extra clingy anyway.

Happily I learnt a few more children’s bible songs since I know woefully few of those. It was also Samantha’s birthday and we had fun eating chicken nuggets and mango roll cake. I like that people at this church are so down to earth. No 3-tier ridiculously professional-looking fondant cake and truffle oil this-and-that. Sophia had fun and of course all the children were happy to bring home a balloon.

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Happy Birthday Samantha!


Story and worksheet time seemed extra short that day, perhaps because of the birthday celebration and soon it was time for freeplay! Sophia was the mad scientist that day:

Look at me, I'm Einstein.

Look at me, I’m Einstein.


After that I brought her to the basement of Forum where allegedly the Playclub bears and Toybox are performing and art and craft activities are going on. However, when we arrived, we discovered that Toybox was only playing at noon and Playclub bears only at 2pm! Sophia kept pointing at the bears and saying “wait for these to come out”. They never did before we went home because she was getting way too tired. And at the Toybox performance too many tall parents were blocking her view so it wasn’t much fun for her.



I do hope Sophia will recover from diarrhea soon so that she can enjoy all the things that children enjoy again.

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