Thank you Kevin!

The haze is terrible. We’re keeping Sophia in a bedroom with the air purifier that a neighbour very kindly left for me before he went on vacation. Thank you if you’re reading this!

The air gets very dry with the purifier and aircon on so we brought in the humidifier that my cousins gave my dad for his birthday.

Very grateful for all these things and the air conditioner which I am keenly aware that the needy who stay so close to me at Chinatown rental one room flats would not have access to these facilities. Am glad that the government is giving out masks to them but I sincerely pray that God sends a heavy downpour that puts out all the fire and pray that God puts compassion in the hearts of every nation’s leaders, that they should know it is never ok to allow things like burning of forests at the expense of neighbour’s health.




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