Finally, Spruce

I’ve been meaning to try spruce for what must have been at least 3 years now and finally am here today.

Its a nice place, nice ambience, full of toddler. It struck me that whenever I go to expat-y kiddy places I inevitably run into friends from the legal fraternity. Makes me wonder whether it is true that my circle is out of touch with the real world. Real Singapore is, I guess, the hawkers I go to with my parents, where I never seem to meet any friends sadly.

Anyway, back to spruce, nice ambience but nobody gave us any attention when we walked in, and when they finally did, they tried to give us a table which they “needed back in an hour” when throughout the hour plus I was there the place was never more than half full. Food was alright. Replacing the english muffin of an eggs ben with corn waffle doesn’t seem to work because the waffle was soggy. Otherwise servings were large and executed well. Sophia didn’t like any of it, which isn’t unusual for her at the moment, even her favourite yakult is “not nice”, probably the meds altered her taste.

Playgrounds are always nice though…



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