Random Sophia Stories

2 year olds are hilarious. Just that other day I though Bruce Lee came to our home, turned out it was just Sophia jumping out of her bath shouting “hot hoooot” ala Bruce Lee’s signature yelp.

They also come up with the most random scenarios, usually simple enough like “I’m the big bad wolf and mama is the three little pigs”. How I can be 3 pigs at the same time is beyond me but there. I’m then supposed to run all over the house and at her direction i.e. she tells me to run into a dead end then catches me.

She can also turn things around to her benefit like the other day her dad used her 3 bolsters (yes 3, no idea how it got to that number) to build a pseudo tent around her to coax her into turning off the lights because camps are held at night. After a while she flipped and knocked over the “tent” and concluded that daddy is the lazy little pig who never built his house properly. Quite right.

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