Stunted growth?

Yet another thing I never knew!

We noticed Sophia’s nails had a dent somewhere around the middle for each nail and were very very puzzled. We finally got concerned when one nail broke at the dent. We went through all sorts of theories – calcium deficiency? Lack of vitamin D? A, B, C? Protein?

We finally brought her to our family doctor and – guess what – the doctor’s conclusion was that when she was down with Pneumonia a while back, she stopped growing and when she recovered and continued growing, there developed that dent, which is at roughly the same point on each nail and toenail. I knew that children lost weight when they fall sick but to the point of actually stopping to grow taller, stop growing fingernails, toenails, hair, bone and just every part of a growing child seems really scary!

4 thoughts on “Stunted growth?

  1. We noticed this on our toddler’s nails too – it first looked like she had her finger slammed between doors as there was a layer of nail that looked like it was peeling.
    When we saw the 2nd occurrence, we kinda freaked out and started Googling for logical reasons (fearing there was some childcare oversight).

    We then discovered some forums where Moms were discussing Beau’s lines. It then clicked – she had a bout of HFMD about 4-5 weeks ago.
    ** I had HFMD from her too, and now the cracks in my nails are showing.

    • Google gave me loads of possible reasons some much more scary than this one so thought I should share this. Happy to hear I’m not alone in experiencing this!

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