Premium enrichment centres in Singapore

Every week when Sophia goes for her music appreciation class at Mandeville Music Conservatory, we pass by The Learning Lab and see long queues. There’s also the opulent chandeliers and futuristic interior decoration that ensures you can’t miss it, not to mention the screens showing amazing sessions that look like they are set in a foreign aerospace research centre. After many visits, I can’t help being curious about what this enrichment centre that looks like a high end spa is about. 

Google turned up this article that speaks of enrichment centers conducting entrance exams for children wishing to enroll in the program. This does make perfect business sense, much like the GEP schools that take in the best students, if you only take in the bright, it will definitely end up with students that are high flying, which makes for excellent marketing. Apart from The Learning Lab, the article also mentions Learning Point, Creative Horizons and Just Education.

However, as to whether its a good place to send my child to, especially at this young age, I’m not too sure. First of all, their website looks nothing like an education center’s. There is only a brief description of the program for the various details but no details about what they will be doing in class, the teachers etc. Generally the website looks more like that for a lab literally than an enrichment centre. I am actually comparatively “attas” and the husband accuses me of being elitist but even I feel that this school is a bit too much. Furthermore, contains numerous reviews about teachers being stretched too thin, and appears to portray a picture of chaos internally even though teachers are passionate and talented. 

So, while the kiasu and “attas” part of me is drawn by their marketing tactics, the verdict at the moment is no for Sophia. Time’s probably better spent doing things she enjoys like art and craft and music and just running around outdoors.

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