The importance of sleep

Lawyers and bankers are the two professions known for depriving people of sleep. I’m not sure anyone did the statistics but I’ll wager that more lawyers and bankers die at work than any other profession, save perhaps for the military. (Oh but wait, maybe hawkers too, those who are serious about their food and get up early to brew the stock etc but I digress)

With a child, there is no way to make up for loss sleep. If I slept late one night, too bad, the next morning I get woken up at the same time by a toddler who wants to do art and craft. The constant sleep deprivation is probably the reason for the marked decrease in memory. A colleague told me to do something yesterday morning and by afternoon I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. I remember the general area, the file to which it relates, but I cannot remember the exact item. This morning, after 4 hours of sleep, I easily recalled what it was. The brain probably re-organises the information during sleep so its now all easily retrievable.

If this is what a mere 4 hours does, imagine what good it does to your brain and body if you had full 8 hours of sleep constantly.

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