New day and new school

I’ve been taking a hiatus from the blog because since the end of last year when Sophia was approaching 3, and especially now that she has turned 3, I have been having concerns about posting her photos online. When she was a baby it didn’t seem to matter but now that she clearly has a mind of her own, it just feels wrong. No judgement to other mums out there who are doing a great job posting uber-cute photos of your kids for all of us to admire. These mums tend to be equally fine with posting their own photos and, as long as equal standards apply, I don’t see why anyone should take issue. I, however, am a rather private person and certainly generally refrain from posting too much about myself, especially pictures of myself online. It therefore feels really wrong that I do not equally respect my daughter’s privacy. Therefore, from now on, photos of Sophia and my family may be rather limited. 

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about is that my baby is attending nursery school today. Not playgroup, not infantcare, a proper big girl’s kindergarten! She was so brave today, listening to the teacher’s instructions to get her temperature checked and mouth and hands inspected for signs of hand, foot and mouth disease, then following a teacher she hasn’t seen before in to class. She’s supposed to be attending half the session today, from 8:30am to 10am but we told the teacher that since montessori starts on the same day at 11:30 am, it makes no sense for her to go home and head to school again so soon, so she’s attending the full session followed by montessori enrichment from 8:30am to 3pm. I hope she takes it well! 

Update from grandpa that he sent her tag to her at 10am and met her teacher who said that she was doing very well. Hoorah!

This being the first day of school, we were a complete mess in the morning and forgot both her nametag and the fruit she’s supposed to bring to share!

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