Potty training

Sophia is 3. She should be more than ready for potty training, but we’ve never had the will to just do it. So convenient to just slap on a diaper. 

Anyway, I’ve been inspired by the Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day book by Teri Crane but at the back of my mind I just keep thinking “oh it works for all these people because you don’t have a child as stubborn as mine.” But then recently I just used one of the tricks in the book ie to just say “lets go to the toilet and use the potty” rather than asking, and quickly making my way there in a fun way (march and stuff, I can’t quite do the slither like a snake thing). It works! And she did use the potty!

She still doesn’t tell us when she needs to go though, but I now have some faith that the potty training in one day method may give that little push required for that. And I’m sure gaudy princess underwear will help too.

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