Potty training update

It worked! Something did, I’m not sure what. One morning I just asked whether Sophia wanted to put on panties instead of her diaper and she said yes. Then when she was reluctant to use the potty, we skipped off to the printer and printed a Hello Kitty potty training chart and told her she get a sticker whenever she uses the potty. Oh and there was also promise of bringing her to the hotel if she managed to stay dry all day. And she did!

There were some issues with going out initially. Short trips were fine but with longer trips she still refused to use outside toilets, so for a while we carried around a potette plus but then we wouldn’t be able to send her to school with her own potty, the school didn’t strike me as a particularly flexible one, so we were troubled for a few days until Chinese New Year came along and she was whisked off to the public toilet by Aunt and Aunt’s helper together with cousin Samuel, and just went on the adult toilet when the helper put her on it. *clap*

So now she’s fully potty competent. And she can do everything on her own, pull pants down etc all the way to clothing herself. I’m not too convinced about proper wiping though……

I wonder what Sophia will say when she grows up to find that mummy discussed her potty usage online. I guess she will thank me when she has her own children that she wants to potty train because mummy at least has a vague idea what to do, unlike grandparents who merely said they don’t remember me in diapers because mummy’s nanny potty trained very early.

Note: For mummies thinking of getting the potette plus, I found that there is no need to get their bag refills. Any recycled supermarket plastic bag works just as well. The potette plus refills do come with an absorbent thing stuck to the bottom of the bag so that the pee doesn’t slosh around for times where you don’t have a convenient place to chuck the bag immediately. You’ll be hardpressed to find yourself in such a situation in Singapore and, if you do, a mum suggested on Amazon that throwing a sanitary pad in works just as well. I haven’t had to try that.


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