Till date Sophia hasn’t actually been involved in any fight, often she gets her toys snatched away or pushed and she starts crying loudly for help, sometimes way before the situation calls for it and adults will usually jump in to resolve the situation. So the most that has happened is she falls or bumps her head but she has such a thick skull and anyway is usually such a softee that even her falls are light, there is usually not even a bruise. 

However, yesterday at one of her classes she was “attacked” in the words of the teacher. A girl who was very kind to her initially when she went into the class. The class stopped for some weeks due to departure of the teacher and so when Sophia arrived, she was apprehensive of the strange faces. This girl, small but still significantly older than Sophia (by a year or two) came over to say “baby is so cute, I love baby” and hugged Sophia (which was slightly strange because I haven’t heard of Sophia referred to as a baby for about a year already but I dismissed this small point). I left Sophia in the class and when I came to pick her, I didn’t see this girl. So I asked Sophia, where’s your friend? That’s when the teacher told me that the girl left early because she attacked Sophia. I initially thought it was just normal hitting or even biting, which is common among kids but this girl was strangling Sophia! That sent a chill down my back.

Sophia escaped with angry red scratches on both cheeks, one arm and her tummy. The wounds weren’t deep but still I was traumatised. Sophia seemed much less so though, as she was still keen to return for this class, and when talking about the episode, she kept emphasizing that the girl put glue on her hand rather than the actual bodily harm. I guess not getting glue on her hand is more important to her. *shrugs*

So, the question is, what should I do? Should I try to talk to the other parent and at least find out what happened? Its not the parents’ fault and the girl probably didn’t know any better but leaving it hanging there just seemed wrong. There’s no closure to my mind.

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