Cooking with preschoolers

What’s a sure-fire way of getting a tired girl out of bed? Shouting “Who wants to make pancakes?”

Cooking is such fun for preschoolers and I’m always in search of recipes that are easy to throw together. Pancakes and french toasts are the easiest. And recently I’ve discovered pizza. Its super easy and really versatile. I used this recipe from But I’m sure most recipes online will work fine. Its just really easy to get a decent pizza dough that will taste way better than those frozen pizza crusts. Of course, if you are a real connoisseur, you can try the recipe on ieatishootipost which calls for 3 days of fermentation and, according to the video, produces a much more tender dough than the one I produced. 

Sophia and her cousin Samuel came running over with their hands raised in the air when I shouted “who wants to make pizza” and Sophia ended up eating the equivalent of half a 9-inch pizza on her own I would think, which is way more than her usual little bird portion. 

Anyone has any other toddler friendly cooking ideas? Do share with me!

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