McDonalds Hello Kitty online??

Sorry but the McDonalds toys are supposed to be a novelty things that the children have fun with together with their meal, kind of like the toys in kinder surprise eggs. What’s with long queues and inflated second hand prices just because they happen to be hello kitty ones? I would admit that the first set was really adorable, I remember they came out when we were in JC and I really liked them and had the entire set because a very kind aunt who was a housewife queued for them. But even she wasn’t able to get the final one with Japanese costume, which a classmate later got for me as part of gift exchange. She must have paid something like $60 for it, which is a lot for a couple of soft toys that I couldn’t bear to take out of the packaging. I refused to purchase subsequent sets thereafter. I simply don’t understand the craze and why specifically hello kitty, which is rather cute but quite boring. Sesame street, which teaches children important language skills didn’t attract anywhere near as much attention. Its bizarre. 

Now with going online its even more strange. I guess for McDonalds it good marketing strategy. But I really don’t see the sense of buying fastfood online. Its supposed to be convenience food, for days where you need to grab something quick, not something to be planned for or to be eaten for the sake of a plush toy!

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