What do you expect from a parent teacher conference?

Anything but a teacher shoving a checklist to you and looking away in silence thereafter.

That is what I got from Sophia’s highly sought after preschool, one of those that parents queue from the wee hours of the morning for. Really? I can’t believe it. That is why I am slightly inclined to ask for nationalised preschools, because it is just too hard for parents to figure out which is a good, suitable preschool for their children. After extensive research, I end up with a school that is very disappointing.

The only reason why I keep Sophia in the school is that the montessori enrichment teachers are good. And the regular classes and montessori enrichment are 3 hours each so at least half the time is spent in a good environment. I seriously wonder whether I should allow her to waste 3 hours of her time in an unhelpful environment, but at least when I ask her she says the regular class is “good” too, just that the montessori is “even better”. While she’s enjoying herself I guess its fine……

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