Frozen Fever

First time we watched Frozen together, Sophia didn’t really understand and kept asking why this why that. But when we got to the scene where Elsa and Anna were standing at the front of the ballroom and complimenting each other on their beauty, she understood alright, and when Anna told Elsa “you beautiful-er”, she turned to me and said “mama, I’m Elsa and you’re Anna, ok?”


Sure-fire way to wake Sophia up these days? Act out the Elsa and Anna as children scene and she’ll promptly sit up to conjure some snow for making Olaf. Speaking of Olaf, she said today that if she had a younger brother, she would want to name him Olaf. And she also wants a younger sister named Anna because Anna loves to hug Olaf.


This morning I told her that her Joyful Voices friends have been asking me how come she has such cute chubby cheeks, which got her looking really pleased with herself so I thought, might as well turn this into something even more positive and said “Its because you’ve been eating really well isn’t it?” And to further drive home the point “eating a lot of fruits and vegetables gives you really nice skin like Elsa”. That really caught her attention and she said “I have skin like Elsa right”?

Me: yes

Sophia: and you have skin a little bit like Anna right?

Me: why only a little bit?

Sophia: because your skin is not the same colour as Anna, yours is dark brown and Anna’s is light brown.

Me: T_T and is your skin the same colour as Elsa’s?

Sophia *nods enthusiastically* yes.

Me: What colour’s that?

Sophia: *stares very hard at skin on her hand* light brown!



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