Before I started planning a trip there, everyone tells me they prefer Melbourne to Sydney or even its their favourite city in the world so I decide, ok, lets go there. After the tickets are booked and I start asking people what’s good for families in Melbourne, they hem and haw and tentatively suggest penguins. When I ask what about the zoo they go oh its quite bad, nothing like the Sydney one or the Singapore one. What about the aquarium? Oh the one on Sentosa is much better. Oh what is there to do in Melbourne with a young child then? And what did you like about Melbourne in the first place? “Oh just the vibe it gives”

Well I really hope the vibe to so super duper fabulous that its worth it.

Actually we do have a lot to do seeing as we’re only there for 5 days 4 nights. So here’s the plan and let me know if any of it is duff:

Day 1

Getting our bearings, shop at South Melbourne Markets for basic supplies (fruits as snacks on the go, milk for the toddler etc).

Head to St Kilda for the community playground followed by penguin spotting at the breakwater then dinner.

Sleep early since we caught the red eye in.

Day 2

Join day tour for Philip Islands including visit to wildlife park there for koalas and kangeroos and a chocolate factory.

Day 3

Snow tour – decided not to go to Mt Bulla since 2 out of 4 adults are not in a state to ski and its unlikely the other 2 can pick it up within a day trip anyway, so its a nearer spot where we can just build snowman.

Day 4

Collingwood children’s farm in morning

Zoo / aquarium in afternoon 

Day 5

Shopping at DFO then home


Sounds like a decent plan?

5 thoughts on “Melbourne

  1. That sounds like a good plan! Just don’t forget to leave plenty of time for activities and don’t schedule too many things in a day since you have the little one in tow. For more Melbourne ideas, you might want to check out Mother Inc’s blog and also Beverly’s Adventures. Enjoy your time down under!
    We are bringing our 18-month-old to Tokyo in June and I’m getting excited planning our trip too!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are so right. about everyone saying Melbourne is better than Sydney but they can’t pinpoint an actual reason. In Sydney you have Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, Sydney Zoo, Sydney Aquarium… Melbourne is cool, definitely, but because of it’s cafe culture? gelato?

    Your itinerary certainly sounds great! The community playground sounds like oodles of fun and I’m sure Sophia will love the penguins and koalas!

    I’m looking forward to bringing E-Man to Perth next year.

  3. The Puffing Billy at Dandenong should not be missed! Also the Victoria Market, the city itself, Ballarat, Great Ocean Road and the list goes on. Sydney is also a great city with zoo’s, parks, aquariums but not much of a sight-seeing.

    • Of course, Sydney is my all time favourite city to visit. Was plotting a trip during royal Easter show but Sophia’s dad objected to her skipping school 😦

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