“Mama, I’m scared……”

This is the first time that Sophia has been scared to go to an unaccompanied activity. For all her other classes, she would calmly follow the teacher in, not with all that much excitement but willingly enough. Today, however, we sent her to CampAsia and after we registered her, she stumbled around a little bit, turned around and started a sentence with “Mama…” presumably wanting to tell me something but instead bumped into another lady. After that she came to be and just kept saying “Mama, I’m scared”, and started tearing!

My dad claims that it was because she remembers the time she was attacked at French class and is fearful as a result, which may have contributed but I think its unlikely because she still insists on going for French class, even on days where she is so tired that she is falling asleep in the car on the way there! She will struggle to keep herself awake to go for the class.

The trouble, rather, is I think with the registration set up. All 3-5 year olds are assigned to one of the gyms where balls, bean bags, frisbees etc are laid out for the children to play with while the 2 teachers for each group are on the side doing registrations. Nobody is keeping order, kids and parents are just running wild, it just all looks very chaotic. I would be scared too if I were a 3 year old dumped into this situation. 

Eventually she calmed down when cousin Samuel arrived and was comfortable hanging out with him. However, I still have concerns about how the camp is run. The 2 persons in charge of Sophia’s group (the youngest) do not seem very confident or dynamic. They gave blank looks in response to most of our questions (is the S sized t-shirt handed out the smallest size? Where should we leave their bags? How would you know whose bag is each child’s if we just dump them here?) When the kids are to be brought to their separate activity areas, the teachers merely called out Group 1 gather, group 2 gather etc and of course the kids had no idea they were being called. The parents had to round up the kids and the teachers made no effort to ensure that the kids stayed together and/or followed them but merely walked towards the designated area. Again the parents had to step up and we had to help the kids whose parents had already left as well. 

A very disappointing registration process but I’m still hopeful that when I pick up Sophia she will tell me she had fun.

1 thought on ““Mama, I’m scared……”

  1. They pointed me to go check with the teacher in charge out of the gym. Even so I still get the same blank looks. And apparently Samuel didn’t have the same art piece like Sophia because he wants to play and not do arts. I’m not sure I like the idea of doing whatever they want. Not unless they are older like in Tottochan.

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