Camp Magic

So after a week of Camp Asia, Sophia and cousin Samuel are sent off to Camp Magic. I was initially slightly sceptical about Camp Magic because they just gave an impression of being less professional in terms of things like not having online payment modes etc but there was much more of a human touch with Bruce replying to all emails personally and also being on site to answer questions and handle the kids¬†(wonder if he is permanently in a jester’s hat on site).

At least with Camp Magic Sophia didn’t come back saying I don’t want to go, I’m scared. There were no tears on the first day either given the registration grounds is the playground area where no kid can bear to be sad at.

What’s Sophia’s feedback? I have no idea. She mumbled something about not being able to get on a boat. Which I take to mean they engaged in some play-acting which she really got into. I think we’ll be back at Camp Magic next holiday!

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