My pregnancy nutrition guide (which I’m hoping I’ll follow better if I write it down here)

1) Get your folic acid. Around 600 mcg is probably good and up to 1000 mcg is probably safe, anything above that take only if there is a particular health reason for it.

2) Might as well throw in a multivitamin while you are at it. You do need a variety of vitamins and minerals so why not include a safety net in case your diet does not provide enough. Do check that you don’t overdose on certain nutrients (such as folic acid) if you are taking multiple supplements.

3) DHA. No strong evidence it helps but no real harm taking it is my view as long as you are taking a pharmaceutical grade / molecularly distilled one (ie with most mercury etc removed). You can also get DHA from diet but there is always the risk of mercury over-consumption if you try to get too much from fish. Of course there are other sources like eggs but I don’t think they deliver as much punch. My rule of thumb is salmon when I can get it plus a pill a day.

3) Eggs. I did say it may not be as good for DHA as fish but it sure packs in loads of vitamins and minerals and good old protein.

4) Protein. Get a variety. There’s lots of claims that chicken is the worst in terms of being loaded with hormones these days. No idea if its true so I hedge my bets by varying my protein source. Beans, eggs (esp whites) also count. Organic is great of course but its quite troublesome to get it where I am.

5) Vegetables. You can’t get enough of it.

6) Fruits. Have loads if you are having a normal pregnancy. Avoid if you have diabetes, gestational diabetes or any history of sugar/insulin related issues. Replace with more vegetables and potentially a fibre supplement if necessary.

7) Snacks. Especially in the first trimester where nausea sets in with hunger but even generally small frequent meals is the healthier way to eat. If you have no insulin problems then whole grain cereal, whole wheat biscuits or fresh fruit are probably all good options. If you do, however, these will be too high in sugar. You can try pairing them with protein/fat and see how it works (e.g. fruit with greek yoghurt, crackers with cheese or sugar free peanut butter) else you may be down to almost completely protein options that are more of a hassle and you may need to prepare in advance such as hard boiled egg whites, poached chicken breast or nuts.

8) Water. Highly essential. I get put off by the taste especially in the first trimester so its a struggle but just do it. If lemon/cucumber slices help, go ahead, else just force yourself. Juices/sodas/milk/soup don’t count. Your healthcare professional may say otherwise but my personal experience as to level of thirst after drinking different liquids tell me they don’t count.

3 thoughts on “My pregnancy nutrition guide (which I’m hoping I’ll follow better if I write it down here)

  1. Thanks for the helpful reminders, especially since I’m due in 11 weeks myself!
    Is Sophia going to be a big sister soon…? 🙂

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