Why hadn’t I heard of this dental clinic earlier?

After hearing that a friend’s wife (who’s now also a friend) is a dentist, I made an appointment with her clinic, not knowing initially that she was the child dental specialist there! I was just looking for a female dentist I could trust.

Wow, what a surprise when I walked into Oral Care Novena. Extremely warm and cosy place with lots of toys neatly laid out and, most impressive of all, very well maintained. I’ve been to other clinics recommended for children (one of the Q&Ms and GPA) but both has a dismal display of half spoilt toys that look dirty and old tucked in a corner. This clinic has a whole room full of toys, enough to keep Sophia occupied on her own while I chat with my friend for more than half an hour after her session (it was a quiet weekday morning).

Dr Ng Jing Jing was also excellent with children, full of praise for children and even managed to make Sophia answer she’s in N1 within the first 5 minutes. No mean feat to make my shy girl open her mouth in front of someone she doesn’t know I assure you.

All in all, I highly recommend this clinic. Check it out if you have kids!





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