Giving voice to a child

In my course on early childhood education, we keep reading about children being silenced and their views not being heard. Thinking I’ll put what I learnt into practice, I’ve decided to ask Sophia what she thought about her school and she told me she doesn’t like it. The thought of changing schools for her has been lingering in my mind anyway since I wasn’t too keen on the school myself so I asked whether she wanted to change schools and she said yes. So the search starts…. until a colleague reminded me that by doing so I am encouraging her to give up when the going gets tough. It may have been ok to switch schools if I hadn’t talked to her about it, but now that I had, I’d better stick with it.
This morning when we dressed her for school, she asked which school and when we said Barker Road school, she asked “why…..” but when I explained to her that she cannot give up school when its tough and if there is a problem she can tell us what is the problem and we fix it together, she gave a resigned look and went to school, not without trying to read numerous books, walk around etc before going out but otherwise without much of a fight. Here’s hoping this episode is over for now and she’ll just happily attend school.


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