At times I’m really glad I have a cautious kid

I’m often disappointed that Sophia isn’t more daring, sociable and outgoing. But being cautious has it’s benefits. Today we brought Sophia to Kids Stop and there’s this dream climber thing which we didn’t notice was meant for ages 5 and up so we sent her up. While she happily climbed her way up, coming down wasn’t as easy. She managed some levels coming down backwards always ensuring that her CG was still on the upper level, clinging on to either the floor or the web and checking from time to time that she was able to go back up whenever she wanted. There was this particular level where she was just an inch short of reaching the next lower level no matter how she tried. It was hilarious to watch only because we knew she was safe, but I shudder to think how she might tumble down if she were “braver”.


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