Random snippets around the “scary” / halloween themes


The bedtime routine for Sophia is now that I tell her 4 stories then we turn off the lights and pretty much ignore her but stay in the room. Yes we. She needs both grandpa and mum in the room at the same time, unless mum is working late.

Two nights ago she asked for the story of Moses, which was in my Kindle Fire which I was lazy to retrieve and in any case I am inclined to limit LCD screen use prior to bedtime as it does somehow stimulate the brain. So I told Sophia lets turn off the lights and I’ll tell her the story from memory instead.

Bad idea that particular day because after quite a few late nights at work, I was so tired that I was nodding off myself once the lights were off. And my memory of the bible story was clearly more extensive than the children’s book version Sophia had read so she ended up asking many questions. When I got to the part about the Pharaoh killing the Hebrew boys, Sophia suddenly said “but I’m a girl!” which was rather random in and off itself, but even more random was my response “next time you have a race we ask the teacher to separate the boys and the girls ok?” And the reason for this response was that I had actually fallen asleep at this point and my brain in dreamland somehow constructed a reason for that statement of Sophia’s as being in the context of a race in school where she could never win the boys. How weird was that? Anyway, her next statement woke me up “Ok. But I don’t want to die!” And the sudden realisation that I was in the middle of the story and Sophia was worried that she would be killed by the Pharaoh. Dear dear.

Anyway, the day after I went to the movies with the husband for the first time in a long long time and saw a trailer of the story of Moses. Initially I was thinking this would be a good one to bring Sophia to, but before long I changed my mind. It was done in typical hollywood style, with lots of blood and violence, completely unsuitable for a preschooler. But the trailer also made me realise that even though the stories are simplified into short digestible parts contained in brightly coloured children’s books, many of the biblical history are actually extremely violent and gruesome. Something that someone growing up in Singapore in this day and age find it hard to appreciate.


Continuing on this theme, the movie we watched was Fury, and it was about WWII. It was gruesome (and full of vulgarities which were perhaps unnecessary but then again perhaps a reality of military life). Apart from the usual thoughts of how can I protect my children if a war comes along, it also occurred to me that even though Singaporeans generally have not experienced war (only a very small proportion of the living population experienced WWII), war is very real in today’s world and there is no real reason why anyone or any part of the world ought to be spared. It is all very disturbing thoughts and I really pray that the perfect kingdom comes soon. Although again all the Revelation prophesies are very scary and I do not wish any of my family to experience them.


For the second year in a row we went to Woodlands for halloween. We were much more organised this time so everyone trooped off immediately after work and ate on the car. Its a nice experience for kids and they get all excited about the candies, although Sophia really only wanted to eat the strawberry ones and count the rest over and over again.

Sophia is actually quite brave (although she is shy) in that she is not afraid of typically scary things like monsters. Those rather scary living dead makeup or the skeletons or the spiders all don’t bother her. But strangely, she was actually frightened by this fake ghost made out of black garbage bags that formed part of the decoration at Daiso. All because her dad told her that its a black ghost that bites people and takes away their toys. Clearly 2 things she is most afraid of.

That night she kept saying she is scared of the black ghost and even after us telling her that we would protect her, she asked how would we protect her. Which was strange to me because it never occurred to me to ask something like that as a scared child. I always assumed that the presence of another human being will automatically make me safe. Clearly she was not as easily satisfied so I had to tell her that she just needs to call on the name of the Lord. And she still says how? And I had to tell her to just say “In the name of the Lord, I command you to leave.” because God is the most powerful being and ghosts will be scared if you command them in the name of the Lord. Thankfully, that satisfied her after a few repetitions. In the last few iterations, when I simplified it with just command the ghost to leave, she even reminded me to say “in the name of God”, “right?” How blessed are the children with their childlike faith.

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