Christmas time

Do you remember the time when children will not remember when adults said “later” to playground, so much so that adults will use “later” as an easy way to say no? I remember that with my younger cousins. Although I had no siblings of my own, I was 5 years older than the next cousin who came along and, being significantly older than them (in kids terms) I remember some things that they probably wouldn’t. One of them was many many clear recollections of one of them demanding to go to a playground that we walk past, and the adults saying lets head up to our apartment first to eat/take a bath/drop our things etc. Once up at the apartment the playground will be promptly forgotten and my cousins will be happily engaged with whatever occupation they could find at home.

My daughter is not like that. She REMEMBERS EVERYTHING! While I am not complaining about her good memory generally, it can be troublesome at times. And one such instance has recently presented itself. NTUC (the supermarket) has been giving out festive promotional booklets that comes with stickers at the back. Some of the stickers were alphabet stickers and Sophia made use of those to select Christmas gifts for everyone. Grandma and daddy got different tablet models, while I got a juicer. Cousin Samuel got a keyboard. No problem so far but she selected for herself a barbie doll set with what looks like at least 20 sets of clothes. As a general rule I’m not a fan of Barbie dolls. As a kid I never knew what to do with those I got as a child. As an adult I only have a greater objection because of the gender stereotype. So I am not quite keen on getting her the doll. But she doesn’t forget. And from time to time when we mention “Christmas is coming”, she replies with “Yay! We’ll have a tree and I’ll get the doll and clothes.” Argh!!

What do I do……

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