Diaper review (Huggies ultra vs mammy poko vs pampers (tbc))

When I had Sophia, pampers was the only choice. They were the first to have the urine indicator line which turns from yellow to green if baby has passed urine. To people who have not tried to exclusively breastfeed before or who from early on have an abundance of milk, you may not understand why is this a big deal. It is a big deal because mothers worrying about a low milk supply worry about dehydration in their babies and the most immediate proof that baby has milk is appearance of pee. After all babies are not transparent and from boob to tummy you cannot see the milk, the first time you see it again is a pee. Commercial diapers are so absorbent that it is often hard to tell if there is pee, especially for a newborn whose pee volume is rather low. Hence the indicator line.

Now it seems other brands have caught on. huggies ultra and mammy poko, both of which I got from the hospital, one being the leftover of the pack they were using and another in the gift bag. So that difference is eliminated. There is still a related difference though. I do not know why Mammy poko decided to make the inside of their diaper blue but this means it is very hard to tell the color of the urine, which should be clear to very pale yellow, not dark yellow or other colour.

Based on feedback from Sophia, Huggies Ultra is one of the most comfortable brands. When she was still wearing diapers, she started off with a huggies (not ultra) from the hospital. It was clearly stiff and uncomfortable but she didn’t know any better. Later she didn’t mind when we switched to mammy poko (of course) then when we switched to pampers she preferred pampers. But when she has had a try of Huggies ultra, it was the point of no return. No other brand will do and she would run away if she sees us taking out unfamiliar diapers. This potentially had something to do with her getting severe rash diapers bought in China when she was there.

The final observable difference for me is a huggies make their newborn sized diapers small enough for Asian newborns. Mammy poko run a bit bigger and so did pampers when I was using for Sophia. So initially Huggies will fit better. Mammy poko has a cutout portion intended to reveal the belly button, which is a good idea as it should be aired at least until a couple of days after it has dropped but the reality I found is the edge of the diaper keeps tugging on the cord. Perhaps again because it runs a bit large so rides up higher than it should. It may work well for a longer baby, though I am told at 51cm at birth, Sandra is rather long for an Asian baby so not sure how much longer they go. She has also inherited her dad’s short legs and arms so as it is more than usual of the length is at the torso.

That’s all the pertinent points I can think of at the moment. I bought pampers newborn before delivery so once the free ones are used up will be using pampers and update. This will take longer than people who have confinement nannies who seem to love changing diapers. I only change when it is dirty, sometimes can’t even be bothered if it is near bath time or looks like there is not very much pee. :p I have dirty babies who don’t even mind sleeping in poo filled diapers for so long poo dries up on their bottom…


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