More on Mt Elizabeth vs TMC

I had earlier written a post on my experience at TMC vs Mt E. More came to mind as time passes and I thought I should add to my earlier post.

On babycare…

We missed the only parentcraft session available during our TMC stay and relied on the in house video instead, which I assume is identical in substance to the live session since Ms Wong was the one portrayed in the video. In the video we were told to submerge the newborn whose umbilical cord has yet to fall off into the tub. I had a vague recollection that at Mt E we were told not to let the cord stub touch water. Now, 2 weeks later, it’s all coming back. We were indeed told at Mt E to top and tail baby (ie wash case and bottom only) until cord stub has fallen off and healed. Some internet research tells me this is more in line with current knowledge.

More on breastfeeding

Even the parentcraft centre loves supplementing with formula it seems. When I went back to Mt E’s lactation consultant after discharge, she patiently looked at my latch and helped me with strategies to fix it. When I went to TMC’s parentcraft centre this time, a nurse sat me down, made me take off everything above my waist, making me very uncomfortable, and proceeded to weigh my baby then latched for me. 10 minutes later weighed baby again and proclaimed that she took only 10mls and therefore I had low supply and need to supplement. How about considering that maybe her latch was bad, or maybe she made me so uncomfortable that there was no letdown? No such luck, just a hasty conclusion. She then left me to pump topless. Needless to say there was no letdown whatsoever. She then came in with a cup and some formula wanting to feed my baby with there are packs of expressed breastmilk in my freezer! I quickly stopped her. When I got home, I found that just the collection from letdown alone on the side baby wasn’t drinking from was already almost 10mls, so clearly with baby sucking, no matter how I efficiently, it must be more.

While I was at the parentcraft centre, a young sounding mother also came in with blocked ducts. Of course, the solution was to massage them out, which was understandably painful for the mother, but the lactation consultants were not at all understanding. As the mother cried in pain, the LC kept saying “you think it’s painful for you? It’s also painful for my arm, very tiring to massage for you when you don’t relax.” The LC also kept admonishing her for not taking care of her breasts. At least we didn’t get such treatment, everyone was kind to us. But seeing their attitude towards the other mother did spoil my mood.

I can only conclude that for my next delivery I will try to avoid TMC.

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