Bitten by the sewing bug

I did up a list of things I wanted to do during maternity leave and one of those was to sew dresses for Sophia and baby. I’m pleased to say that I checked that off the list and am going strong still. So much more sensible than the obsession I had last maternity leave – studying for MCAT to apply for med school (what was I thinking?)

The first thing I made was a pillowcase dress for Sophia but I made it ankle length instead of the usual knee length because Sophia likes long dresses, it ended up being very warm and pajamas-like and Sophia didn’t like it at all.


The second dress was for Sandra and it actually took a failed attempt before this was managed. I quite like it but the husband says its ugly. It looks kind of Thai to me somehow.


Next was a dress for Sophia. I feel its crying out fora waistband with a different fabric but Sophia seems to quite like it. She put it on after school and came rushing into my room saying I can fit!


With the little bit of leftover fabric I made a skirt for Sandra, to which my mum said “which baby wears skirts? Babies don’t even have a waistline, it will just fall off. I guess she’s right but I still think its quite cute. Doesn’t go with this particular romper though.


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