The mystery of the waking baby

Since day 1 I have been putting Sandra on a very loose schedule. The only thing set in stone is bath between 6:30 and 7, and nursing to bed starting from 7. Nobody is allowed to turn on the lights to baby’s room between 7pm to 7am. Very quickly I found that between 8pm to 10pm was a great time to get in some uninterrupted sleep. The husband and I also used this window to go for massages or supper. However, when I try to use this window to do some sewing or snack at home, Sandra seems to keep waking up. This made me reluctant to go out after 7!unless I really have to but when I do, Sandra tends to sleep well till I return. It has been a mystery to me for some time what makes her sleep through and what doesn’t. I think I finally have it figured out. It’s the scent of mummy. She sleeps well when either I am in the room or, if I go out, I change out of my home clothes and leave them in the room to keep giving out the unique blend of perspiration, baby puke and mummy’s milk. On the other hand, if both me and my home clothes leave the room then that’s when it’s stressful territory for baby.

So far that is the conjuncture of Sherlock mum here. Further experiments got to be carried out to verify whether this theory stands up to the test. What do you think? Are babies really that sensitive to olfactory stimulation?

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