Sleeping in the day?

While I have sort of grasped the secret to making baby sleep at night (bath, lights off, sleeping bag, feed, in that order), getting baby to sleep in the day and at home is a mystery to me. She sleeps well when I put her in the carrier and bring her out. She even sleeps reasonably well in a stroller when I bring her out but at home, I’ve tried drawing the curtains, swaddling, nursing to sleep, sleeping on her own cot, sleeping on the adults’ bed, sleeping on the bouncer, sleeping with her, nothing seem to be able to make her sleep for more than 15 minutes unless someone keeps carrying her, which is of course not ideal. So while other babies are settling nicely into a 3 nap schedule during the day, mine is in a haphazard pattern different each day. I wonder how she’ll cope when I go back to work and grandparents who are caring for her will not bring her out as often. She’ll probably suffer severe lack of sleep!


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