10 weeks already!

In a blink of an eye, Sandra has passed the 10 week mark. I seriously did not remember time flying by like this for Sophia. In fact, I remember long miserable days of marathon breastfeeding and finding things to occupy time till Sophia’s grandma came back. This time round I’m definitely enjoying maternity leave a lot more. Although there are still many moments where I felt very tired or when I really wanted to do something that was impossible with a baby joined to me at the hip – like swim – overall it was a lot more bearable.

On a related note, Sophia is already 4 and so grown up. She does still say and do hilarious things no doubt. As I’m writing this post she was shouting to grandpa who was trying to skip the hair washing part of her shower “yesterday never 洗头!Then 头发痒痒!” on the one hand I worry about the very bad language but on the other, I find such random language irresistibly cute!

Time, please slow down so I can really enjoy the kids while they are young and the most adorable things on earth.

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