Waffle Slayer Review

as far as restaurant reviews go, this is probably a bad one, since there are no photos of the subject in question – the waffles. In any case, I’m going to give it a go.

Before I was pregnant with Sandra, the husband and I made a trek down to Stranger’s Reunion. He maintains that I tricked him to do it and has refused to do it again. The walk is about 20 minutes long, which to me is perfectly comfortable on a cool night. Husband begs to differ. Anyway, the waffles with fruit and Greek yogurt which we had that evening was good. The waffle was crispy and goes well with the yoghurt. The husband says it’s acceptable but the waffle lacks a fragrance. Overall we like the place and the food.

Today, I went to their sister cafe, Waffle Slayer, with baby hoping to have a civilized afternoon sipping tea and eating waffles which, who am I kidding, is impossible with baby in tow. I felt seriously out of place among a sparse young crowd. Nobody there looked above 25 and certainly none look like they are remotely close to having kids. So instead of my usual warm reception of “so cute!”, I just get very cold but efficient treatment. Can’t really fault them for it, just not what I’ve gotten used to. Anyway on the food, the waffle itself does lack a fragrant flavor and is not even crispy on the outside this time. I had the waffle with peanut butter which came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, sliced bananas, chocolate fudge and a dollop of peanut butter on top. The pluses were that despite the generous toppings it was not too sweet, and the chocolate fudge was thick and dark chocolatey, ie doesn’t seem like the cheap Hershey’s stuff. However, the ice cream, like the waffle itself, was nothing to write home about. Further, I could barely taste the peanut butter. Overall quite a disappointment. I think I’ll stick to strangers reunion’s Greek yoghurt waffle next time I’m in that area.

The tea I had was served very nicely, pity baby prevented me from having leisurely sips.

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