Anti-separation anxiety

Here I am reading all about Daphne’s separation anxious baby (wrong grammar I know, but his is my blog and I am in the mood for reinventing the English language) and feeling extremely envious indeed.

I am a creature of habit and if there is a discernible pattern, I’m happy. I know how to deal with it. So if my baby doesn’t want anyone but me to carry her, that’s tiring but manageable. MY baby, however, is completely random. Mum and grandpa can carry her but Dad and Grandpa cannot. Ergo she likes females, right? Wrong! Grandaunt who visits every alternate day is not on the acceptable list but random males who are mummies friends but whom she has met for the first time are ok. The same uncle is not acceptable one week, her best friend the next, and a scary monster again the following week. Completely random! Can some pattern please emerge?

Aside from the complete randomness in the selection of adult friends, she also refuses to fall asleep in my arms. Grandma can carry her to sleep, so can auntie Joyce whom she had met for the first time in church, but not mummy. Ok maybe I’m not comfortable. Sandra is rather long and I can’t seem to fit her head to buttocks length comfortably on one arm and against my body. Even nursing to sleep doesn’t work these days as she pulls away when she doesn’t want more milk. It’s therefore easier for me to lie her down and sing + pat her to sleep (since I don’t believe in pacifiers). Some may say I’m lucky, but I really really miss the smooshing of baby face against body. Is that too much to ask froma 4 month old??

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