Sophia rules

after hearing from a friend that his 5 year old loves monopoly, I was suddenly inspired by the possibility that maybe Sophia is ready to comprehend the complexity that is an evergreen board game (notwithstanding that she cannot grasp tic tac toe yet). Good thing they came up with monopoly junior in Frozen theme, which was what we ended up getting. The game is similar to monopoly but is simplified so much that there is no skill involved, i.e. It becomes a pure game of luck. Unfortunately, as luck goes, Sophia has got some pretty rotten ones. And so she loses all the time when we play by the rules.

Her solution? Make up new rules including ditching the dice and moving as many steps as she feels like, giving herself a huge wad of cash, and making it possible for Elsa (which she plays)’s beloved sister, Anna (which I play) pay bail for Elsa to be released from prison. I call this game “Sophia Rules” (like Aussie Rules, you know).

The dad was happy for me to be subject to Sophia Rules, even praising her for creativity but soon realized how futile the game is since it is virtually impossible for anyone other than the bank to get bankrupt. When he insists on playing by Monopoly Junior rules, though, Sophia protests and poor mum here has to arbitrate. 

Sigh. And I was even fantasizing about being able to play Risk or 三国杀 as a family soon. Looks like “soon” may be something like… A decade, without exaggeration.

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