Hopitty hop

After each presentation by Joyful Voices (the kids choir at our church), the leaders organise a games day. Here I was minding my own business in crèche with baby while Sophia was going about her games day activities when I realized that the games have moved to the fellowship hall outside crèche. Well, I’ve simply got to sneak a look then. 

The children were split into 2 groups with the 2 oldest girls as leaders. The game consists of hopping over to a chair at the far end of the hall, turning 3 rounds around the chair and then picking up a ball and aiming it at a basket. All the children were going about it rather proficiently and I was looking forward to Sophia and when it was her turn, off she goes…. hopping… virtually on the spot! I literally laughed so hard I bent over. Good thing I was really far away. The Joyful Voices leaders had much more tact than me of course and one of them just went over matter-of-factly, holding her hand and pulling her forward while she hopped awkwardly. This is why it’s always great to be among loving Christian company.

On a related note, my church is very accepting of special needs children and after observing a couple of special needs youths being baptized over the Easter weekend, my heart was warmed today when I observed one of the youths gently and kindly bringing one of them along with him for ministry. There was another special needs girl who suffers from some chronic condition, of which I’m not clear about the details. I can only see that she is deeply loved by her family and those in the church who know the family. She is wheelchair bound and, today, when her mother is carrying her into crèche, Sophia said “so big girl still want carry”. I suppose it may be because she has been denied carrying privileges recently because she is getting big. Anyway, there was nothing appropriate I could think of to say there and then save for hurrying Sophia away and hoping the statement was not heard. Later in the day we had a chat about the girl suffering from a condition and needing to be kind to her. Thank God we recently read a book called “fighting diseases” which helped made the concepts much easier to explain as it also talked about chronic conditions. I can’t help but wonder if God has been leading us towards this discussion all along and if he was, whether I did a decent job of it. In all likelihood I probably fell sorely short. Sigh…

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