Feeling proud of myself

Sandra received many compliments for her dress today, which, for a mum who dresses her baby in charters rompers day in day out, is quite an unusual occurrence. Here’s what she was wearing today. I know it doesn’t look like much but remember it was after a whole day of rolling and tumbling and falling asleep in the baby carrier and the like. It was much nicer before it got so crumpled.  

A mum even asked me whether it was from Gap. No big deal what, you would say. Not as if it were a luxury brand considering everyone seems to be dressing their kids in at least Ralph Lauren when they feel like dressing up. But it is a big deal if you consider the fact that I MADE THIS DRESS! 

Ok, so now apart from opening a kindergarten, I have a second fallback career if I ever get sick of law or (more likely in today’s world) get retrenched. Sell handmade dresses on etsy!

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