Frantically sewing

its the last week of my maternity leave and in a desperate attempt to make full use of the “free” time, I’ve been frantically sewing.


The drool pads, burp cloths and bibs are made from a combination of unbleached organic cotton flannel and fat quarters of designer fabrics, making them both safe for baby (use with the flannel side turned out) but yet whimsical. 

The dresses are of course added to the girls’ collection of too many clothes! I should start giving away some of the more presentable ones as gifts.

I also made myself a pouch to hold Sandra’s diapering materials so they don’t need to be in a clumsy old apple plastic bag anymore.

The next item will be another pouch because Sophia has requested for one after seeing the one I made for myself. Maybe I’ll make a zippered one this time.

2 thoughts on “Frantically sewing

  1. Looks so professional! May I know where you get your fabric? Haven’t had much luck finding fabric suitable for kids dresses.

    • Thank you! There are actually lots of flaws that don’t show up on photo. I buy a lot of fabrics on I do buy some from spotlight and if the sale is still on its a good time to buy 40% off flannel there. Do beware, some of the solid colours run. I’ve had bad experience with the brighter colours bought there.

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