Da Little School Review

This holiday, Sophia attended Chengzhu and Da Little School holiday camps. I may deal with Chengzhu in a later post but Da Little School I’m surprisingly happy with. 

It’s an art n craft camp, which gives it an unfair advantage in Sophia’s books since she loves art and craft. It is, nevertheless, objectively very well run. Rather than rush through a simple artwork each day, the camp works over 5 days on what turns out to be a rather impressive piece:

The seashell colouring was a separate piece and not, as I originally thought, a shortcut way of filling the space. The children worked with a variety of media: shaping clay, painting on clay, painting on canvas, paper mâché, glueing on notions etc. The lesson flow also made a lot of sense in that on the first day they started with telling the children about the tidal wave pool and starting on the parts that need time to dry. Then on day 2 they had an outing to se toss underwater world. On the next 3 days they recreated what they saw at the tidal wave pool. 

Sophia was eager to go for class everyday and the teachers seem dynamic and fun loving. The class size was also small, starting with 5 students and towards the end 2 dropped out leaving 3. The dropping out sounds like bad news but I seriously have no idea why because Sophia loved the class. I really hope the school will continue to run holiday classes!


2 thoughts on “Da Little School Review

  1. Hi, I’m glad to be able to chance upon a post regarding the Da Little School holiday camp and to know that your daughter Sophia loved it so much! May I just ask if your daughter went for a full holiday programme that stretched over four-five weeks (9.30-5.30pm)? I’m considering whether to sign my girl up but I’m afraid it may be too tiring.

    • Peijun, thank you for leaving a comment. I signed her up for a one week half day course including an outing. Sophia takes a nap still so the full day one would not be good for her but depends on the individual child I guess.

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