Taste of what it’s like with 3 kids

On the first day of Chinese New Year we got to bring my nephew (on my husband’s side of the family) with us to visiting on my side of the family. For a while it was just 2 of us and the 3 kids, until we met up with my parents and cousins. It actually wasn’t that bad.

Probably anyone with more than one kid will be used to the whines about who they want to sit with, which we stamped out with firm “no”. And of course there was the running around which fortunately was not that hard to control because the youngest one can’t walk fast and the 2 older ones were basically joined at the hips.

The killer move was scaring the oldest one (my nephew) with threats of “I’ll leave you here in the middle of nowhere if you run off without the adults.” Given he was unfamiliar with me and not sure whether I will carry out the threat, he always came back, bringing the middle one on his tail. Not sure that move will actually work with my own kid who knows full well I won’t actually leave them stranded though.

Overall, we were not traumatised but not necessarily sure we wanted another child either.

Happy lunar new year from the Lu babies!


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