Hong Kong 2016

For the first time since having Sandra, I’m on a trip without the kids. It’s semi-business so there is only one day for leisure but I’m so looking forward to shopping and actually being able to try on clothes that I woke up at 6am unable to sleep! Here’s my breakfast at 7am. The irritating thing is that it started raining while I was eating. Here’s hoping the rain ends soon enough for me to get to my next destination – Bliss spa – in time for my facial!

Given that the rain continued, I decided to take the mtr rather than walk to my next destination at Kowloon. Upon arrival at Kowloon station, I was ambushed by a bunch of really cute kids selling flags. Of course I made a small donation to the cutest one with gorgeous curls.

Bliss spa was every bit as enjoyable and relaxing as I expected it to be, although the price tag was also slightly alarming. Definitely more than twice the price that bliss in Singapore was charging, no wonder the Singapore one had to shut down. The facilities were amazing though, I didn’t bring swim wear for the jacuzzi but enjoyed the steam room for a bit then used the rain shower with side showers. Ahh…

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