Moving! (Not the site :))

We’re moving home today! Highly recommend our movers Watchman’s Home, which is a Christian halfway house for ex-convicts (thanks Alvin for the recommendation!). It’s important for ex-convicts to have the ability to find gainful employment and for the public to support them in sustainable employment. The experience with Watchman’s Home is fantastic. The guys were experienced and pleasant to deal with. It of course helped that my family can communicate with the m in Hokkien but even my non-Hokkien speaking husband rates the experience highly. 

They took the effort to wrap all our furniture carefully and thoroughly even those that we tell them not to bother because they are quite old or not expensive or quite hardy. They were also careful and experienced when taking apart and putting back our furniture, pointing out the places where the people who delivered our bed actually didn’t do a good job and caused damage to our furniture. 

After they left we noticed that a few items meant to be moved were still at home and we called them back. They came back with a smile and took care of it with no complaints at all.

Their charges were also reasonable. Not the cheapest I could find but honestly even for something like moving there is a service aspect to it, and I must say I am extremely pleased with Watchman’s Home’s service. They were patient and gentle while being efficient. Very satisfied customer here!

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