Taiwan 2016 (Part 3)

Day 7: Kaohsiung, Taipei

Last night the husband went to the night market leaving me and my aunt with the kids so I had to keep the older one entertained. I fished out the kindle and asked her to read on her own. Surprisingly, after going through her usual picture books, she picked a My Little Pony book with minimal pictures and that just a few months ago she couldn’t even tolerate me reading to her because it was too long and boring. Last night, however, she finished reading 3 whole chapters on her own! I’m so proud of the speed at which she is learning to read and write. We had a great night at our beautiful harbour view room where both kids slept well except they took turns fighting for space with me. 

Finally, we are nearing the end of our one hotel a day life. We’re going to spend 2 nights in Taipei then back to Singapore yay!

Today started with breakfast from food trucks opposite the minsu. The food is mostly delicious except a 酸辣汤 that is sour but not at all spicy. Sandra had almost half a serving of 玉米蛋饼 all by herself. The 碳烤三明治,黑白炒,水煎饺 and 蛋饼 are all quite delicious.

After breakfast we set off to 驳二特区 for photos with some statues and graffiti. It’s old warehouses converted into an art district. 

After that it’s off to 踏风大道 or 星空大道 which is a tunnel with constellation artwork and old scrub longs leading to a viewing gallery with sea view.

Thereafter we took the ferry to 旗津 which is supposed to be good for seafood but as it was close to breakfast and we were melting in the hot sun, we went for iced dessert instead. The famous 大碗公 is bigger than the children’s heads, possibly even bigger than an adult’s head. But there were lots of delicious ingrediants and the 4 adults plus 1 child almost finished it up. There was also this horoscope game which entertained the kids while waiting. It was also an educational opportunity to tell the children that these things are not real. Because we are so much dessert we couldn’t fit in anymore lunch so had to give the fresh seafood at 旗津 a miss.

And then our 5 hour journey back to Taipei begins. Good thing Sandra slept well. Sandra has rosy cheeks from all the heat.

In the middle we stopped at 清水休息站 for lunch. Food at Taiwan’s food court is not too bad and cheap. It usually comes with a portion of boiled green vegetables, at least for the Taiwanese food options so it is also reasonably healthy.

By the time we reached Taipei it was quite late so we went for a quick dinner at a Thai-Yunan restaurant near our hotel then brought the children back to the minsu to sleep while my aunt and Cousin went to 地下街 for some shopping then to 士林夜市 for 棺材板.

Day 8: Taipei

The next day we started with going to 十分瀑布 and then to 放天灯. Weather was terribly hot but the older child enjoyed the 天灯. We also had 土鸡 and 番薯叶 at a local restaurant, which was really delicious. Even Sophia the fussy eater ate a lot.

After that it’s off to the Taipei zoo, with koalas and pandas. The animal collection was quite good. Pity it rained soon after we arrived. Also because of the rain, the cameras didn’t come out much.

When we came out of the zoo, the guide suggested going to a Lego themed cafe where we can have tea and the kids can play. However we opted to go straight to the Raohe night market that was in the itenerary early so that we can end the day early. 

Day 9: Taipei, Singapore

By the final day, everyone was sick. Sandra seemed to be falling ill again because she was fussy in the night and extra sleepy in the day. Daddy and mummy were also decidedly sick, only Sophia is going strong. Maybe there is some good coming out of the Swimming lessons!

We went for breakfast at 蜂大咖啡 which has minimal service but pretty good coffee and western style breakfast set (ham, egg and toast). After that we proceeded for a second breakfast at 阿宗面线 which was nice but I can’t get used to seeing the fatty large intestines in the noodles. We then had a short walk around Ximending and it’s time to head to the airport!

To our pleasant surprise, there were sunny hills and Vigor Taiwan outlets in the airport so there was actually no need to head to the city outlets. It’s good for replenishing things that we regretted not buying though, which really amounted to just popcorn that my Cousin wanted. I sort of wanted sunny hills but, then again, it’s available in Singapore and the price difference is not that great so I didn’t end up getting any.

All in all its a very tiring trip and we established that Taiwan is a pretty good place for the kids. We’ll probably go again but to fewer cities and have more free and easy components where we get around ourselves on their train and bus system.

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