I’m so glad I have a couple of kids who are quite good about haircutting such that I don’t have to spend an exorbitant price going to a specialised place with cartoons kiddy rides and specially trained stylists.

We went to QB House at the basement of VivoCity and were told that we should head to their kids version on level 2 because parents are not allowed to stay with the kids when their hair is cut at the adults outlet (which is much more spacious than the very packed level 2 outlet). We need to stay outside of the shop when the shop is very spacious and clearly can take 2 standing parents. Convinced this is a ploy to get people to pay almost double to use the QB House Kids services as other 10 minute haircut outlets without the kids version nearby don’t seem to have this rule.

Anyway, both the 5 years old and the 1.5 year old happily had their hair cut all on their own.

Success! Kaching, $20 saved is $20 earned!

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