Not very green fingers but trying!

When we moved recently to a place with a patio, one thing we knew we wanted was a vege patch. The thinking was that we’d harvest batches of home grown Shanghai greens, Kang kong and other green leafies for our meals. The reality is of course that our fingers are not as green as we thought and each sowing only yielded a miserable portion not even enough for one person.

Good thing we also hedged our bets and grew some herbs that fared better. The hardy Pandan is of course a staple in southeast Asian households and these grew well easily even through bouts of neglect.

The tall grasses on its left are lemongrass. I planted a total of 6 stalks of these after I rooted them and 3 managed to grow well and each developed into a few stalks of lemongrass that grew surprisingly tall! I’m just leaving these to grow until I host some gathering where I will harvest them to make some Thai inspired dishes or perhaps a refreshing lemongrass drink.

On the right of the lemongrass is basil. The label of the seeds said sweet basil but the leaves of these smell more citrusy than the common sweet basil that I get from the supermarket so I’m not quite sure what variety they are.

But what grew best of all are the flowers that Sophia wanted to grow which we didn’t even think will ever sprout, and after they sprouted we didn’t think the tiny thin sprouts will survive the battering of singapore’s heavy rain, but they survived all odds and bloomed!

The herb and flower patch is definitely a work in progress but it feels like we are going in the right direction. Now to start working on mint, rosemary and curry leaves.

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